Service advantages

Asia Pacific CDN

Users who use the Asia Pacific CDN to accelerate to Chinese Mainland Just replace cdn.jsdelivr.net with cdn.jsdelivr.us

Cost of 0

Public welfare projects that reduce website response speed and improve access availability

Unified acceleration method

Highly reproducing various acceleration methods to ensure consistency with official sources as much as possible

Provide API

One click cache cleaning to update upstream and downstream files at any time during development

About Us
We are committed to providing blazing-fast content delivery for open source projects worldwide. Our jsdelivr mirror site boasts two main domains: cdn.jsdelivr.us, catering to users both in and outside of the Chinese Mainland, and jsd.cdn.zzko.cn, optimized for the Chinese market with nodes specifically placed in the Mainland to ensure lightning-fast delivery.
Our main international domain, cdn.jsdelivr.us, is tailor-made for users across the Chinese Mainland and beyond, leveraging the Asia Pacific CDN to slash latency and maximize speed. On the other hand, jsd.cdn.zzko.cn caters exclusively to users in the Chinese Mainland, providing them with the high-quality content delivery services they've come to expect from us. These services are tailored to their unique needs and locations, ensuring a seamless user experience.
It's important to note that due to legal and policy considerations in the Chinese Mainland, the system audit model can be quite stringent. As such, utilizing nodes in the Mainland to accelerate illegal resources may result in the audit system banning such activities in accordance with local laws.
Our public services in these two fields operate independently to enhance the experience of the open source community. We firmly believe that fast and dependable content delivery is integral to the growth and success of open source projects. However, it's crucial to recognize that laws, regulations, and policies vary across different regions, leading to distinct handling methods for illegal resources. We kindly advise users to exercise caution when utilizing our services and choose the appropriate acceleration domain based on their specific needs to avoid any potential system blocks.
Furthermore, we remain committed to adhering to all legal requirements and will continue to adapt our operations as needed to ensure full regulatory compliance.
Thank you for your unwavering support of cdn.jsdelivr.us! We look forward to serving you and your open source projects with the fastest, most reliable content delivery services possible.
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Eagle Yao

Front end

This is someone who is even lazier than the backend to operate, Every function has to be delayed for a long time That is to say, the person called Yao Yao (Yao Mei) in the Tencent Cloud user group whosends an email or QQ, and those who haven't seen it on WeChat can try asking someone in the Tencent Cloud user group who knows me

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I have been writing backend related services for years, It's an excellent backend, , But it's also a salted fish pigeon that has been swimming for many years , Its catchphrase , Next time, I will definitely talk about it almost every day That is to say, the person called Yuanyuan in the Tencent Cloud user group